Angel Cards

How To Read Angel Cards Yourself

Are you asking yourself how to easily create the layout of the angel cards yourself?

We have prepared several examples of interpretations using angel cards for you to see how to do it. These sample interpretations can be studied by those interested in order for them to use the angel cards to their fullest potential.

How To Properly Ask Questions

Anyone who wants to interpret their own angel cards should avoid simple "Yes / No" questions. The cards are a means for you to discover future opportunities e.g ‘What will be the nature of this matter in the future?’. But they are not a tool of prophecy e.g. ‘Will this happen - yes or no?’. It is vital that you ask the right questions when wanting to interpret the angel cards yourself.

Incorrect Questions

Do not ask the cards in this manner! Do not expect a "Yes / No" answer.

Correctly Asked Questions

Questions that will help you to interpret the future.

Sample Interpretations

Three different people (from one family) decided to make the trip to the countryside more enjoyable by drawing one angel card each. Their interpretations illustrate the correct usage of these cards and can also serve as an inspiration for you. Let your imagination fly and let the angel cards to be a mirror of your destiny.

1. "What will the next year be like in our house?"

The interviewer pulled out angel card The Calm. This card indicates that there is a period of inner peace and tranquillity in one’s life. It can, therefore, be expected that the worries that are currently associated with housing and interpersonal relationships in the house will improve in the coming period. These are good news which are bringing prospects of rest and also of finally being able to be carefree.

2. "What will it be like for little Honzík go start school (he’s entering 1st grade)?"

The person asking, this time a six-year-old boy which is quite unusual, took out The Trust angel card. This card suggests that confidence on all sides will be needed for Honzik to successfully start school. It is necessary to look at the level of self-confidence of Little Honzík and strengthen it so that he can trust himself when taking the first steps in a new and unknown environment. In addition to this, angels are also advising Honzík to trust the people and environment around him, which will be new and challenging for him. As we know, we have a tendency to mistrust new and unfamiliar things.

3. "What can I expect in the next three months at work?"

The person asking pulled out The Force card. This card indicates that after returning from vacation, her mind and body will actually be well rested which is why she can safely embark on a merry-go-round of tasks that awaits her at work. She should not be afraid to express those observations and impressions of hers which might be helpful to others. The energy from within will enhance her intelligence, acumen and endurance. The Power card says the person asking can also be a source of strength and support for others who are feeling weak and helpless.

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