Angel Cards

The Intuition Angel Card

Angel Card Intuition


Intuition, suspicion, empathy, immediate knowledge, premonition, foresight, instinct, clairvoyance, mystery


Foolishness, inconsiderate behaviour, changeability, frolic


The Intuition card encourages your sixth sense. You are able to discover connections that are not obvious to others. Now, angels are telling you that you should rely more on immediate knowledge and develop this precious ability more than before. However, get rid of the inconsiderate and erratic behaviour. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and listen to your intuition. However, be mindful of the fact that any wisdom must be in accordance with your will and knowledge. This angel card reminds you that if you choose to act based on your intuition, you should keep harmony in mind so that no action goes against your conscious judgment. Nonetheless, intuition is a source of new and important wisdom.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: What will be typical for the coming week?

The Angel Card clearly commands: watch the voice of your heart and intuition in the coming days. Although you may like to listen to scientific and rational arguments, now comes the time when you should think twice when making a decision, especially with respect to what you feel. If you do not consider something correct, the recommendations of the Nobel Prize laureate or the Town Hall Commission will not help anyway. You just feel things different! However, in the event of a conflict of reason and intuition, it is sufficient to postpone the decision until later. If the decision cannot be postponed, the Angel Card advices to listen to your intuition.

The Image On The Card

This card is depicting an angel originating in the "Angel Message" painting from 1859. It was painted by an English painter George Hillyard Swinstead.

The image of an angel who puts a lily to the hair of a woman resembles the biblical scenes of annunciation to the Virgin Mary - lily is regarded as a symbol of the immaculate conception. The fact that this is a rather modern depiction of this scene of Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary is evident from the fact that a red-haired woman has a very thin halo around her head.

The field of lilies is also strange and unusual. It adds an amazing spiritual charge to the scene - how did Mary end up in such a field? And what do they see high in the sky and is it only visible by 'inner sight'?

A yellow disk behind the angel's head may also be a halo - but why would an angel have a significantly more intense halo than Mary? Or is it just the sun sloping over the horizon? The "Angel Message" poses many questions but at the same time charms us with its mystery and straightforwardness.

Below, you can see a few completely different paintings by Swinstead to illustrate his work. The first one is also depicting a spiritual theme. "The Comrade in White" is an illustration of an apparition on the battlefield during World War I (Battle of Mons). Other pieces are scenes from everyday life which is more typical than the "Angel Message" when it comes to Swinstead's work.

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