Angel Cards

The Calm Angel Card

Angel Card Calm


Calm, listening, insight, silence, assertive approach, relaxed


Stress, rush, aggression, restlessness, crazy behaviour, turbulence, wildness, anxiety


This card is here to remind you that rest is very important. It's time for you to reduce your activity and relax. Try to talk less and think of yourself. Listen to others and think more about what they are trying to say. Angels are warning you that there is a risk of collapse without getting some rest. Avoid stress, tumultuous social events and rash actions. This angelic card is going to help you to cope with difficult times during which your mind and body are burdened with various stimuli.

The Image On The Card

This card depicts an angel originating in the painting "Annunciation of the Virgin Mary" dating to 1859. It was painted by a French painter Auguste Pichon. Archangel Gabriel appears to the Virgin Mary and announces to her that she will be with a child who is the son of God.

The angel in the picture has graceful feminine features- the character is not muscular- and appears as a sensitive and peaceful heavenly messenger. The lily in the angel's hand symbolizes immaculate conception. A rather strange detail is that the sleeve of the green robe he is wearing is raised backward. While the rest of his garment is static, the sleeve is lifted, perhaps by a gust of wind, which seems unlikely in the room. Maybe the angel has just moved his hand, which does seem rather strange due to the overall relaxed attitude. Also, angel's hair appears to be slightly flowing as if there was a light breeze in the room. All these inconspicuous details are enhancing the picture and are also give it an amazing charge. Static Virgin Mary and a finely flowing angel represent a beautiful encounter of two different worlds.

As can be seen in the frame, the picture was dedicated to Emperor Napoleon III in 1859.

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