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The Humility Angel Card

Angel Card Humility


Humility, reconciliation, self-acceptance, selflessness, settlement of disputes, tolerance, adaptability


Vanity, defiance, disagreement, disgust, arrogance, aggression


The Angel Card The Humility encourages you to have a conciliatory and accommodating attitude towards others and yourself. Be humble and at the same time reconcile with yourself. Everyone has their mistakes. Even if you have high demands, do not be unnecessarily strict on yourself and others and feel the flaws with love and understanding. Angels know that you are experiencing a period when self-acceptance is important for you and whether others treat you with respect and selflessness. This angelic card will help you overcome vanity, arrogance and aggression that may occur in your surroundings or within you.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: Which Angel could help me resolve a disagreement with my superior? Which way is the best to avoid or settle a disagreement?

In a conflict or in a situation of different views Humility can have two different meanings. The first is humility in the sense of bowing the head (kneeling is shown on the card), acknowledging the error, a metaphorical withdrawal from your own territory, or putting your car in reverse. However, it does not mean to surrender and feel self-denial. And here we come to the second possible interpretation. The Humility Angel Card is not a challenge in the sense of thoughtless acceptation of authority. Rather, it is an appeal to humility before your own self-confidence. Many of us are willing to fight hard because of opinions, that we are 100% convinced of. But the Humility Angel Card calls for having your eyes open and trying to see the whole problem from other perspective as well. What if your boss is really right? What if the truth is hiding somewhere in the middle? It is therefore a good idea at least  doubt a little and try to get deeper reflection. Anyone can be wrong. You or your superior. Thus be humble because your knowledge is limited. Even Socrates said, "I know that I know nothing".

The Image On The Card

This card is depicting an angel taken from the painting "Annunciation of the Virgin Mary" from 1489. It was painted by an Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. It is a beautiful tempera painting on a wooden board that was created for the Cestello church in Florence (now called Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi).

In this picture, you can see a biblical event: the Archangel Gabriel who announces to the Virgin Mary that she will conceive and become a mother to the son of God. The original frame contains the words taken from Luke 1:35 "Spiritus Sanctus superveniet in te, et virtus Altissimi obumbrabit tibi." meaning "The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God". The scene continues with a verse 1:38: "Ecce ancilla Domini: fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum." meaning "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May your word to me be fulfilled".

It is nice how the Latin text on the frame completes the scene in the painting. Instead of the comic bubbles that an artist would probably use today, Botticelli gently but equally as efficiently placed the words of the angel and the Virgin Mary under their figures so that they serve a bit like subtitles to a movie.

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