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The Loyalty Angel Card

Angel Card Loyalty


Loyalty, trust, surrender, warmth, devotion


Infidelity, suspicion, mistrust, falsehood, unfaithful thoughts, vulnerability, pretence


Angel Card Loyalty notes that genuine and honest relationships are of utmost importance to you. Partnership or friendship without trust and loyalty is the same as a waterless plant - it dries and disappears from the world without this vital element. Angels will help you to overcome the doubts and disappointments you have experienced. Then, warmth and sincerity will fill your heart and you will feel happy to be alive while having faith again. This card will help you to deal with infidelity and unnecessary suspicions you might have.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: What will help me at work?

The Loyalty Angel Carddepicts two winged beings that are veiled in the cloud. Thus, the interpretation of this angelic card encourages the interviewer to rely primarily on loyalty to the foundations, or to the existing employer, customers, etc. when an unfavourable period occurs. What helped to achieve positive results and was associated with loyalty (craft tradition, lasting interpersonal relationships, corporate philosophy etc.) should continue to help further. Don't panic when looking at bad sales numbers or low traffic on your web site. The nudity of both characters also shows the need for honesty. Therefore, this angel card can also be interpreted as an incentive to expose the truth. Admit what has been done and what did you missed, what worked and what did not. Don't waste your time, the problems won't solve themselves and consider all failures as stairs to the better tomorrow. Only through openness and loyalty to ideals will you find a way how to improve your results at work.

The Image On The Card

This card shows the painting "Love and Psyche" from the year 1899. It was painted by French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau. However, the winged characters "Love and Psyche" are not really angels. Their story comes from ancient mythology. In his work, William-Adolphe Bouguereau focused on this legend and painted a whole series of paintings with this mythological couple. These paintings are now timeless. "Love and Psyche" became a powerful symbol in the concept of modern love and romance.

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