Angel Cards

The Freedom Angel Card

Angel Card Freedom


Freedom, independence, tolerance, respect, openness, accessibility


Addiction, obstinacy, limitations, lack of freedom, conditionality, intolerance, insult


The Freedom angel card emphasizes the importance of freedom and independence in your daily life. People always depend on something - neighbours and loved ones, work, home, food, etc. But angels urge you to strive to strengthen your self-reliance so that you are not entirely dependent on others. Also be tolerant of others and give them freedom to make their own opinion. They will pay you back by giving you the same possibility. This angel card also encourages you to get rid of addictions that are ruining your life and are restricting you (smoking, drinking, gambling).

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: How to make best use of my time before a family holiday?

The Freedom Angel Card shows the bare and often neglected truth – if one goes on holiday with family and children, he or she often does not rest properly. Simply because as a responsible adult he or she must look after all the other members of the expedition. Of course, if you plan an "all inclusive" holiday, you can take such explanation very easy. However, the Angel Card suggests that you should think more on your own interests in the last days before the holiday; and maybe enjoy a little more freedom (sport, culture, entertainment with friends ...).

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