Angel Cards

The Sincerity Angel Card

Angel Card Sincerity


Sincerity, openness, justice, truth, law, objectivity, facts, self-reflection


Lies, injustice, indecision, doubts, hypocrisy, illusion, evasiveness


The Sincerity angel card encourages you to open and fair. The truth is important to you now more than ever in both receiving it from others as well as communicating your personal truth. While sincerity may not always be pleasant, you'll be delighted to hear a lot of objective comments about yourself. Angels want to protect you from lies, hypocrisy and evasiveness. This card says openness is needed to make you feel really strong and internally satisfied.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: Which angel will help me in the coming days?

The Angel Card Sincerity shows that being direct and honest should be very helpful to you. If you do not like the behaviour or ideas of others, let them know, clearly but politely - a white lie may not always be an ideal solution, sometimes honesty is simply better. Likewise, do not paint the world in pink to yourself, points out the angel card reading. If you have high blood pressure, debts or a missed deadline, it will be more reasonable to admit it and accept the situation.

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