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The Journey Angel Card

Angel Card Journey


Journey, experiences, activity, change, pilgrimage, activity, commitment, competition, fairness, worldliness


Fall, pride, recklessness, frantic behavior, self-centeredness


The Journey angel card brings activity and experiences to your life. You can expect a period that will be filled with ideas and changes. Angels are going to help you in your efforts and it is also advisable to think about taking a longer trip. This card encourages your competitive side and a desire to go to unknown places or to discover distant horizons of life. Be careful, however, that your mind does not slip into pride or self-centered and reckless action under the attack of a new energy.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: Which angel will help me the following week?

The Journey Angel Card indicates that activity and movement will pave the way for success in the coming days. If you expect luck to knock on your door, you will probably be disappointed. The Journey Angel Card is a sign of necessity to go on, not to stay on the spot. You should therefore actively seek out new interesting opportunities (concerts, lectures, new books, meetings, jobs ... anything you love and that may enrich your life). Angels will help you find the right way, but you cannot expect them to lead you by the hand, like a little boy on the painting. Because you are of course adult.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is showing the painting "Archangel Raphael And Tobias" created in 1514 painted by a well-known Italian painter Titian.

We chose the image of Tobias and the Angel as a symbol for the Journey card simply because it depicts a biblical story about a young boy traveling to distant lands. Tobias, who had an ill father, set out on a journey during which a real angel accompanied him and guarded him. But the angel had no wings and so Tobias did not recognize him. In the end, he brought home a bride and a cure for his father's illness. You can read the whole story about Tobias and the angel on the website of the Carmelite Publishing House.

Of course, the question as to why the angel, with wings in this painting, is supposed to be indistinguishable from an ordinary mortal poses itself. What's more, why does Tobias look like a little boy who's not yet mature enough to marry? The answer is double in its essence. An angel without wings, without his main characteristic, would make it difficult for the observer of the painting to recognize him and with that the entire reference to an ancient story would probably not be so distinguishable. The second thing is that the picture is probably not a true illustration of an ancient story but rather a desire that young sons of wealthy merchants return happily back from their first sea voyages. The picture may very well be showing real characters, perhaps a family of a patron of this painting.

Feel free to check other paintings of the same story by different old masters.

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