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The Harmony Angel Card

Angel Card Harmony


Harmony, balance, balance, healing, unification, integrity, stability


Restlessness, moodiness, imbalance, self-denial, illness, hypersensitivity


The Harmony angel card is leading our mind and body to balance. You need to experience unity between these two now more than ever in order to feel good and to accomplish the tasks that are coming to you day by day. Your body is like a musical instrument. It can produce beautiful tones only when finely tuned. However, the soul also need to breathe life into the instrument in order to make the music. Therefore, a balance between your body and your soul must be present so that it can create a true harmony in your life. Angels are advising you to pay attention to both your body as well as to your soul. Do not switch off or neglect either of these parts. Do sports, relax, eat healthy but also find time for culture and noble thoughts. This angel card will help you in times when your life is restless and you feel indifferent towards it.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: What can I expect in the coming days?

The Harmony Angel Card is symbolic for an important ability to achieve life equilibrium and peace. As we know from physics, everything that is brought out of balance tries to find a new balance, often at another lower energy level. As an illustration, imagine a house and a ball. A child kicks the ball from the top floor and then the ball must look for new stability, for new balanced (harmonic) place down the stairs. Thus, a bumpy process precedes the equilibrium. The Harmony Angel says that a new harmonious state of your body or mind is already in sight. With the right question, another Angel Card can reveal the nature or the direction of such desired aim.

Q: How can I support (achieve) a more peaceful atmosphere at home?

You can't get a more direct sign than this angel card. Harmony, like a compass arrow, shows where the desired goal is. Of course, it sounds a bit like "walking in a circle". How to achieve the peaceful atmosphere with the help of harmony when harmony is the goal itself? Doesn't that sound strange? No, eastern philosophy says: "The way is the destination". And the angel card only swaps the order: "The destination is a part of the way". In other words, try a few initial steps (experiments) for a relaxed home; for example: be more lenient, look for missing items in your household (soap, perfume, etc.), think what you could do to improve at home, try an evening by candlelight. Angel on this card is telling you that each step is a success in itself and others will follow. Like a chord that supports a long and complex symphony.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicting the painting "Saint Cecilia" created in the first half of the 17th century. It was painted by a French painter Jacques Blanchard.

In this painting, the angel holds a massive lute in his hands and plays along Saint Cecilia who is playing an organ. Not very distinctive dress of the angel suggests that the main character here is the virtuous woman who has dedicated her life to God. We chose this image for our Harmony card because of the spiritual interplay and serenity that is tangible here. Both figures are calm and the only thing they care about is the moment of balance they have in common and are seeking in music.

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of gospel music, musicians (organists) and craftsmen making musical instruments. Based on a legend, she was born to an old Roman family called Cecilia. She converted to Christian faith when she was very young. Her determination to develop her musical talent had only one goal - to worship God in a noble way. She also gave a vow of eternal virginity.

Valerianus proposed to Cecilia. He had a good reputation but he was a pagan. Cecilia begged the angels to keep her virginity even in the case that she would marry Valerianus. After the ceremony, she told her husband that her chosen husband was Jesus Christ and he had given her the guardian angel who will protect her body. If he wanted to break her virginity, he would be killed by the angel.

Valerius, since he was a pagan, did not believe in any angels. He did not want to believe the story. Cecilia explained to him that he too would see the angel if he believed in God, Jesus Christ and would be baptized, which eventually happened.

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