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The Nature Angel Card

Angel Card Nature


Nature, natural beauty, glamor, instincts, nudity, purity, health


Being fake, hypocrisy, self-deception, pretence


The Nature angel card represents your hidden desire to spend more time around trees, plants, flowers or animals. Angels advise you to open yourself to the environment that has shaped people for millennia. A step toward nature is very important and will help you to achieve harmony in your soul. If you live in a city, try to focus on parks, flowers and everything that is left of nature in a city environment. Touch clay and trees. At the same time, this angel card reveals that your instincts are very well tuned and are able to reveal hypocrisy in others.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: Which angel will help me in the next work meeting?

An angel dressed in white walks through an orchard full of fruit trees. She holds a white lily in her hand, a symbol of purity. The angel shows that the right path leads here – to trees that are able to bear sweet fruits (fruits of labour and endeavour). A work meeting of the questioner is planned at the edge of the city, at the dam. Nature, according to the interpretation of this angel card, will not only be the ideal backdrop for the meeting, but it also has great potential to help as its main task, ie to organize a team building game or to use new "green" spaces. Interpretation of the angel card encourages to use the full potential of nature (obstacle course, competition, hiding behind trees, etc.)

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicts "The Cloister or The World" from the year 1896 painted by an English painter Arthur Hacker.

This emotive image shows a nun whose heart is torn by a rather unclear desire - her mind is clearly burdened by the doubt of whether to indulge in secular life or to stay in the monastery. The angel in white with rather feminine appearance holding archangelic symbol- lily- floats on the left side of the painting. On the right side and more in the background, a dancing figure emerges in a blue-ish dress with a bowl of flowers and ornaments in her hair symbolizing abundance and worldly pleasures. Her clothes flutter in the wind, unlike the clothes of the angel in white on the left whose garment is hanging straight touching the ground. Less visible is the brown angel who merges somewhat with the tree trunks and with the hair of the dancer. It is no coincidence that a nun is kneeling at the bottom of a tree, fruit of which is still green and not ripe. This can perhaps be a symbol of her immature personality. The whole scene is set in a beautiful sunny scenery, probably in an early evening since the shadows of the trees are very long.

This engaging and a rather intense atmosphere were the reasons why we chose this painting to illustrate nature in our angel cards. For nature can provide a peaceful refuge between the spiritual and the material world.

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