Angel Cards

The Honesty Angel Card

Angel Card Honesty


Honesty, decency, selflessness, responsibility, honor, conscientiousness


Falsehood, selfishness, audacity


The Honesty angel card points out that you should act selflessly and honestly now more than ever. Human decency can do wonders in life and remember that the energy you send to the world will be echoed back to you. Angels are encouraging you to be more responsible. They want you to be a role model for others. This card will help you to survive the hard times when fake and selfish behavior rule your environment.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: Which angel will be a good guide for the near future in marketing and PR?

Marketing, advertising and PR (Public Relation) are often useful tools to create illusions and false hopes. But the problem is that sooner or later the truth will always come out. If one really wants to succeed in the long term, he or she should honestly acknowledge the positive and negative aspects of what they offer. From the very beginning! If one offers himself/herself (as a politician, leader, speaker etc.), then he/she also has to admit own pros and cons. Thus, the card reading reminds you that being honest is the best long-term strategy. This angel card is a challenge to be authentic, sincere and trustworthy. Do not overplay. It would be extremely exhausting and bring only uncertain results.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicting the painting "Erató" created in 1870 by an English painter Sir Edward John Poynter.

Erató originates in Greek mythology. She is one of the nine Muses. She came to the world as a daughter of the supreme god Zeus and the goddess of memory Mnemosyna. Erató (the origin of the word is from the Greek 'eran" meaning "love") is considered the muse of love,poetry and songs.

She is usually holding a lyre in her hand and has a crown or wreath made from myrtle and rose on her head. Because of this, she is not an angel in the true sense but a noble and unworldly being with wings.

We have chosen an image of a dreamy muse a bit atypically for our card because true honesty should be accompanying true love for others. Only the one who really likes others will also be honest with them. And loving others is not always easy.

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