Angel Cards

The Faith Angel Card

Angel Card Faith


Belief, inner fulfillment, belief, meditation, spiritual growth, loyalty, certainty


Blindness, doubts, fanaticism, bias, conflict, radical opinions, stubbornness, stubbornness


The Faith angel card recalls how important an internal security and spiritual growth are for you in this period of your life. A real fulfillment equals a meaningful life. Thus, angels are trying to strengthen your belief that what you do is valuable and, above all, that your soul is turning towards higher goals. Believe that your mission on this Earth is not random. Things are happening for a reason and you should trust your work, family and higher principles. This angel card will help you if you start feeling growing doubts or you feel blinded by radical views of those around you.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicting "Archangel Gabriel" created between the years 1450 and 1455, which was painted by an Italian painter Fra Angelico.

The beautiful image of the angel announcing to the Virgin Mary that she will become the mother of God is particularly captivating thanks to the use of very thin layers of gold deposited on a wooden board and combined with fine tempera painting.

Wings of the angel, with several rows of bright pens of different colour, and its halo seem outworldly, distant, heavenly even. Subtle features, a calm look and a modest gesture suggest a firm belief that permeates through him.

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