Angel Cards

The Power Angel Card

Angel Card Power


Power, energy, desire, penetration, vigor, resilience, decisiveness, confidence


Helplessness, exhaustion, aging, loss of strength, vulnerability, inability or exhibitionism, egoism, power


The Power angel card is announcing that your energy is on the rise. A greater stream of life energy and enthusiasm is now springing from the source deep inside you. This is going to be reflected in you body as well as in your soul. Your thoughts and actions can now be more aggressive and decisive and your self-esteem is increasing. Angels are going to help you to be more resistant to adversity and to the pitfalls that might be put in your way by unfriendly people. Take advantage of the new energy and let it manifest. Do great. This angel card will help you during your struggles with exhaustion or when you feel like people around you might starting to be too dominant.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: What will help me in the next work meeting?

The Angel depicted on the Power Card proudly defeats the devil. Archangel Gabriel seems like "dancing" with a sword on Satan's throat. This card shows that good is more powerful than evil. The interpretation of the card may be following: the angel wants to give guidance on the upcoming work meeting to the questioner. Certainly, there will be no shortage of arguments in the meeting and it will be necessary to show strength in a way that a truly good solution should overcome worse ideas. It is good to prepare. Others will not give up their ideas without "fighting hard". On the other hand, the Angel Card does not say who is in the role of Archangel Gabriel and who in the role of Satan. Thus, plans and ideas that will provide the best solution to the whole (company, customers, etc.) should triumph. Therefore, the Angel of Strength also encourages the questioner to see things in a certain "higher" perspective. Please look for and fight for the best solution, not for your vanity or selfishness. Strength is not only the ability to prove that you are more powerful than the opponent, but also your talent show a genuine character, and wide open heart. It is necessary to find out what solution is the best one (discussion and intellectual struggle). Then choose and promote the best one and thus become the winning angel.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicting "The Fall Of The Rebel Angels" painted in 1660/1665. The author is an Italian painter Luca Giordano.

We see the stunning victory of heaven and light above and the darkness and evil personified by Satan himself.

Little chubby angels lying on the nearby clouds are more like sports fans or moviegoers. Some are watching the heavenly hero with interest, others are applauding with enthusiasm.

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