Angel Cards

The Abundance Angel Card

Angel Card Abundance


Abundance, joy, prosperity, money, wealth, versatility


Hardship, suffering, misery, anguish, torment, greed, splurge, being snobbish


The Abundance angel card is telling you that the time of prosperity is right around the corner. Now you don't need to be worried about security. In addition to this, the angels will help you realize that there is a real wealth hidden in your soul and not just in the things around you. Be grateful that you are not suffering and enjoy every day, which is bringing you an abundance of experience. This angel card will help you to survive the hard times of scarcity.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicting "The Harvest of Love" from the year 1773 painted by a French painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

In the picture, we can see three plump angels who do not even need clothes due to the summer heat. Tiny wings on their backs can barely carry their very well-nourished bodies but the laws of Newton physics do not apply to the heavenly beings. The last sleeper needs to be woken up and the idle time needs to stop since there is work to do. But what is the job of these angels? The parallel between the harvest and searching for love is obvious. The sickle, which is held by the angel on the left is just symbolic - just like the whole picture. After all, with such a small tool it would be possible to harvest chives rather than grain.

The bulky bodies are all the more humorous when one thinks of the fact that these angels should be the makers of a graceful love. Just look at the right foot which is falling from the stone bed. The ankle is practically not even visible, the tiny toes on the end of the foot are bulky and the whole limb resembles a vacuum hose. But all of this doesn't matter once the viewer realizes how cute the whole scene is.

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