Angel Cards

The Modesty Angel Card

Angel Card Modesty


Modesty, gift, seeking pleasure in little things, simplicity, friendliness, generosity


Greed, arrogance, boasting, theft, alienation, vanity, being spoilt, envy


The Modesty angel card encourages you to be grateful for everything you have. The art of enjoying little things and enjoying everyday life is the main pillar of a simple and happy life. Also, it encourages you to think of others and please them as well as yourself through being generous. This angel card might be a challenge for those who desire only material things. Buddha compared being greedy to drinking salty ocean water. The more we drink it, the more thirsty we are. Therefore, greed is a vicious circle that will always make a man unhappy.

The Image On The Card

This card is depicting an angel in the painting "Archangel Gabriel", which was created between 1600 - 1650, and was painted by a famous Italian painter Guido Reni.

In the picture, we can see the head of the Archangel Gabriel. He is very young with a rather feminine features. Another painting, depicting the Virgin (the complete scene is for example "The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary" by Sandro Botticelli) was probably a part of this painting too.

This image exists in several variations created by the disciples of the master. Interestingly, one of the later versions of Archangel Gabriel's painting was sold for $ 6,000 in the famous Sothebys auction house.

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