Angel Cards

The Happiness Angel Card

Angel Card Happiness


Happiness, possibilities, opportunities, destiny


Failure, loss, disappointment, sorrow, helplessness, stereotype


The Happiness angel card is saying that fate is on your side. Now, you can enjoy all the opportunities that you have. Your efforts in important matters will be crowned with success. Angels themselves are leading your steps in the right direction. This angel card reminds us that we usually realize what happiness is only when we lose it. Therefore, be grateful and seek happiness in everyday life. This angel card also helps for the chance to be kind to you. It will make it easier to overcome the feelings of failure, loss and disappointment.

Sample reading for your inspiration

Q: How to prepare for the final phase of the home reconstruction?

The message of the Happiness Angel Card is clear: you will be lucky! If there were problems during the reconstruction (damaged appliance, wrongly calculated material, toilet does not fit, etc.) it is obvious that the angels will now watch over the finish to achieve true harmony and peaceful enjoyment of the work. The exuberant expression of a chubby little angel illustrates the feeling of bliss that will spread even in your face after the hardships will pass.

The Image On The Card

This angel card is depicting "Love as Folly" from the year 1775 painted by a French painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

This is a very simple and romantic theme painted on a round canvas. A plump and totally exposed angel floats between rose bushes, while the pigeons fly around him in pairs to show affection. Well, an idyllic picture which, despite its naivete, is quite pleasing for the observer. The thick palm of the angel, whose fingers resemble beans, is throwing little gold bells (symbol of luck) around him. It is quite easy to imagine a rainbow in the background, which is sort of present in the picture anyway through the subtle colours used.

This image exists in multiple copies and the author made several variations of the same theme.

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