Angel Cards

The Love Angel Card

Angel Card Love


Love, romance, relationships, passion, emotions, spark, tenderness, motherhood, children


Relationships turning colder, suffering, temptation, jealousy, indifference, alienation


The Love angel card points out an increased need for emotions and tenderness in the relationship with your partner or in your family environment. Angels are aware of your desire for sincere love and true partnership and will try to help you. This card will also help you to survive the time when you are tempted by something or when you are being the victim of jealous or indifferent behaviour.

The Image On The Card

This angelic card is illustrated by the painting "Love and Psyche" made in the year of 1890. It was painted by a French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau. This image is often mistakenly called "First Kiss" and dated 1873 (Le Premier Baiser / The First Kiss). The problem started when authors of one of the early web-based online galleries simply made a mistake when naming it. However, the appealing name of this painting depicting two little cute angels caught on and has been repeated number of times. As they say, "a hundred times repeated lie will become true". In this case, the incorrect name of the painting is used quite often. Interestingly, the winged children characters "Love and Psyche" are not really angels. Their story is based on ancient mythology. Also, William-Adolphe Bouguereau painted a whole series of paintings depicting this couple but in a more mature version.

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